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Enjoy the  Gastronomy

Viveiro is distinguished by the quality of its tourist facilities and especially its restaurants, trattorias, and local tapas bars. 

Both visitors and tourists choose the municipality of Viveiro as an ideal place to enjoy the cuisine from the Cantabrian Sea, to rest and get to know the Mariña lucense, and the Cantabrian Galicia.  

The quality of the products from our sea and our estuary give travellers the opportunity to enjoy a variety of dishes in more than 60 establishments. 


Viveiro is distinguished by the quality and variety of seafood (crabs, barnacles, shrimp, clams, cockles, and crab) and fish (sea bass, monkfish, sole, mullet, pilchards, mackerel, sardines, tuna and trawled hake).  Squid, cuttlefish, and octopus caught in our estuary are also highly appreciated as well as our excellent meats like pork and veal, which accompanied by homegrown vegetables make Viveiro a first class gastronomic destination opting for traditional cuisine and innovation.



R. Gastronomy

Ruote through the establishments of Viveiro.

You can enjoy Viveiro’s gastronomic variety in 60 or more establishments throughout Viveiro.

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