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A serene city in the north of Galicia. A fabulous place to take a stroll during the day, get to know its natural environment, its heritage or to chill out at night. It is the perfect city to enjoy high quality tourism, it offers a wide variety of accommodation that guarantees rest and good taste.


Viveiro assures tourists and visitors that they will always eat well, both in its renowned restaurants and rural houses, but also in its numerous inns, bars and beach bars which have outdoor terraces, and where you can taste good wine or beer accompanied by abundant tapas made with our finest and outstanding quality products such as, shellfish, fresh fish, meat and vegetables.


Viveiro is not a destination for tourists or visitors to come in a hurry; it is worth seeing all its charm and beauty.  This city is more than 900 years old, tourists can stroll in its great city centre and discover monuments such as Puerta de Carlos V, Porta da Vila and Porta do Valado, three out of the six preserved gates that form part of the old town’s wall; the parish churches of Santa María and San Francisco-Santiago, the secluded squares and steep streets belonging to different guilds such as Zapatería, Pilitaria, Ferreiros, do Forno, Pescadería. Its popular architecture cannot go unnoticed either; its stunning houses with their corridors, balconies, and glazed galleries with the estuary creating a specular image mirroring its beauty.

Viveiro’s festivals, ‘romerías’, traditions and countless events such as Easter, which has been declared a Festival of National Tourist Interest, the Resurrection Fest and the Romaría do Naseiro are wonderfully unique.


Viveiro’s rich and various landscapes leave visitors in awe of its natural coastline, valley and mountain views; a delight for everyone who enjoys nature.


The sea breeze which softly blows through Viveiro is like a breath of fresh air that fills people and our environment with clean, positive energy. Both travellers and tourists, who are dehydrated from the sun, feel like they are dreaming in this salty and fresh climate, while they take a stroll, barefoot along the beach, sinking their feet into the thin sand that exerts a masterfully soothing effect.


Therefore, EXPERIENCE VIVEIRO's colourful world, sensations, emotions, and flavours that allow us to enjoy each and every one of the many leisure and entertainment activities that this centenary and cosmopolitan city has to offer.

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