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Enjoy  Shopping

In Viveiro one can enjoy shopping whilst sight-seeing and walking along the town streets. There are different places and different areas of Viveiro to go shopping, such as Covas, Celeiro, etc. You have a wide range of alternatives where you can do your shopping: local stores, in  Centro Comercial Histórico de Viveiro, which includes the shopping area of the old town centre of Viveiro, Lodeiro and Verxeles. In Covas, the Asociación Beiras de Viveiro, in the Plaza de Abastos, or on some occasions, like the weekly fruit and veg market on Thursdays, or the fair held every first and third Sunday of the month, throughout the year.


Whilst you do your shopping, you can discover different places of Viveiro, and appreciate the quality and the care gone into the different products that are offered.

Habitantes:  15.932


Edad media:  45,50 años


Hombres:   7.781


Mujeres:   8.151

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