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Playa de Covas

White sanded shell-shaped beach with calm waves.  It is the urban sandy area of the municipality of Viveiro.


Covas Beach is equipped with all the amenities. Is complemented by a gorgeous promenade, which delimits the beach and separates the sand and dunes from a large park (Jose Antonio Pernas Peón Park), equipped with facilities for picnicking, camping and services that the summer city of Covas offers.  An extraordinary breadth and length, at low tide around 280,000 m² and high tide is reduced to 150,000 m².


At the western point of the beach there are curious slate-type formations which are known as "Castelos”, there you can see a monument in memory to the castaways of the Cantabrian fleet, especially to Bergantín Palomo and the Magdalena vessel, sunk in the ria, due to the storm on November 2, 1810.


Playa de Area

A white sandy beach, with crystal clear and calm waters, forming a straight line and dunes.


Area beach is located near the slopes of Mount Faro in an area of great natural beauty, with lush vegetation.  It covers an area of 72,000 m² at high tide and 198,000 m² at low tide.  Located on one of its sides is the Island of Area, an important refuge for seabirds.  It is the most beautiful beach of Viveiro's ria and perhaps of Lugo’s coastline.

At Area beach, you can enjoy the sun and swimming, as well as other water sports like sailing.  We must also highlight the archaeological remains of the Roman villa of Estabañón and the superimposed medieval village of "Arenas" which was ruined by the sea.  The beach has a blue flag and the "Q" for quality, a life-saving post, disco-pub, youth hostel (sailing & surfing lessons ... ..).  To the right of the beach, there are two less crowded, small coves.

Playa Portonovo

This beach is nestled against Mount Faro on the boundary of the municipalities of Viveiro and Xove.

Portonovo Beach is a small cove in an unspoilt natural environment.  In the 60s and 70s, it was frequented by German and French tourists. It was common to practise nudism, and it currently keeps its character of an open sea beach retreat.


It has a low occupancy rate, it is composed of sand and rocks and hasn't any services.

Playa de Sacido
Sacido's beach has abundant cliffs, of small-sized dimensions, white sand, and rich marine vegetation, besides pines, laurels, and thorns, it can be accessed via a long staircase leading down from the promenade.  Here is the beautiful gathered cove of "O Rol" which has difficult land access.


Seiramar beach can be considered an extension of Covas beach (Grallal beach ), separated by the "Castelos" a small fine sandy rocky beach is formed, at high tide it's almost non-existent, but at low tide, you are left with a small and very secluded beach.

Playa de Celeiro

A small-sized urban beach located in the seaside village of Celeiro, 1 Km. from the centre of Viveiro
Porta da Vila
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