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Viveiro Vivo

In Viveiro  there is a great offer of active tourism,  some of which are supplied by the city council, some by different associations, and others by private companies who offer various activities.

Viveiro  develops this programme throughout the year, increasing the offer during holiday seasons such as Christmas, Carnival, Easter and summer.  There are all kinds of activities: sports ((badminton, swimming, mountain biking, triathlon, etc,); adventure  (Kayak, paintball, hiking, orienteering, surfing, diving, etc.), The City Council of Viveiro promotes physical activity through sport and good habits.

The City Council of Viveiro has a great variety of sports and leisure facilities: football fields, sport halls, heated indoor swimming pool; complemented by the private offer.

We offer you a listing of activities, companies and groups that develop active tourism or adventure activities. 

In Viveiro there are a number of activities organized by different groups and tourist companies that are renowned for their local, regional and national activities that make visitors and tourists come to Viveiro.



On this map, you can see all the active tourism Viveiro has to offer.

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